About us:

"Mija" Ltd. is a company established in 1993 in Bauskas district. Since then the company is retailing and servicing agricultural machines manufactured in Poland, Russia and Byelorussia. Steadily evolving in 1997 the company broadened its trade area.
 Since 1995 we are offering a wide choice of spare parts for MTZ, VTZ, LTZ, GAZ and combines at our warehouse. In 1999 "Mija" Ltd. started offering repairs of tractor engines and the mounting of tractor engines into trucks. There is a guarantee on all works, the mounting of engines is coordinated with the Road Traffic Safety Directorate  (CSDD).
 Hoping for a successful collaboration!


 “Lauktehnika”, Īslīces pagasts, Bauskas novads, LV-3901
Tālr. +371 639 60616, 292 72390